Remember Me?

Remember Me?

If so, then you might possibly be interested to know that I’ll be discussing the Squadron Supreme at a conference in Chicago this November!


Panel Title: Graphic Novels

The M/MLA conference will be held November 9-12, 2006, in Chicago, IL, at the Palmer House Hilton.  Please visit the M/MLA website ( for more information about the 2006

also–watch this space for the seminar paper I’ll be turning in on April 12th (it concerns the reader constructed by early Marvel lettercols–title? dunno yet… maybe “The Dialectics of Excitement”?)

see you soon friends!




  1. Hi Dave!

    Hey, good to see a post from you! Got your computer problems sorted yet? How’s the thesis going?

    I’ve actually read Squadron Supreme since you last posted, and was really glad I did! I was fascinated by how much more human the characters were than in most “adult” superhero comics, and how much more real it felt when played out in (cleverly deployed and tweaked) superhero comic terms rather than using non-comics-mainstream storytelling techniques.

    I doubt if I’d even have heard of it if I didn’t read your blog, so thanks!

    –Dave Golding

  2. i’m very glad to hear it Dave–I’m still convinced that the Squadron must play a key role in my analysis of superhero historiography…

    my internet access is still minimal, but I’m hoping to remedy that this summer…

    the dissertation is going somewhat slowly, what with my switching schools and agonizing over Chimera Lucida, but it is progressing… the seminar paper–or some variant of it, at least–that I’m working on will probably wind up being the first chapter–I’ve decided to call it:

    Clobberin’ Time:

    Escapism, Engagement, and the Dialectics of Excitement in Early Marvel Comics

    thanks for checking in!


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