Month: January 2009

Chimerae Are Go! (and Cailloux are too!)

Chimerae Are Go! (and Cailloux are too!)


So my novella/prose poem is now available!



Or, for you wonderful Montrealers out there, at my Drawn and Quarterly launch!
Also–in my neverending quest to resuscitate my blogging muse–I have feathered a new net-nest for myself over at Cailloux de cinema. That’s right–I’m gonna try to blog semi-regularly about films! (Let’s hope that the subject of my first entry–William Dieterle’s Six Hours To Live (1932)— doesn’t provide any kind of a forecast of the project’s longevity!)

Anyway–I’ll still pop in at Motime every once in a while–but movie stuff will be at the Cailloux, from now on!

hope all of you are well–good afternoon friends!