Month: August 2006

Don’t You Forget About Me

Don’t You Forget About Me

So, obviously, I’ve been a terrible blogger for about two years now, and the lameness will almost certainly continue through the fall, as I struggle to teach, earn money by hook or by crook, research, attend conferences, write my novel, and enjoy the company of the various people and animals that I love… But I do have a cable connection now, not to mention a pretty decent second-hand computer (the one I paid $2500 for in 2004 appears to be dead–and it almost took me with it!)–so you can bet that I’ll be swinging by here to renew convivialities with you all every chance that I get! 

Right now though, let’s fire off a friendly round of bullets:

1. Darren Madigan is back!

The man’s take on superhero comics (not to mention a lot of other things!) couldn’t possibly be more different from mine, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying his work (especially this Steve Englehart piece) . He’s the reason I got into the comics-blogging game, back in 2003–and I’ll always be grateful to him for the inspiration.

2. Paging Charles Reece:

I read the Richard Rorty piece in Interpretation and Overinterpretation yesterday… It was uncanny how perfectly it reflected (from my point of view, of course!) some of the debates we’ve had, especially those concerning Mulholland Drive. Have you read it?

3. I’ve been on a Murakami (Haruki, of course) binge for over a month now–I’ve read everything I could get my hands on, and am eagerly awaiting a copy of Pinball, 1973 that I ordered through interlibrary loan (how do people live without ILL?)

4. Been watching tons of movies too (the Warners film noir boxes continue to thrill me–when do we get volume 4?)–but, sadly, I haven’t touched a comic book since May! I’m hoping to read Grant Morrison’s Seven Soldiers in one shot sometime soon (to answer your several-months-old query, Franz!), and if that actually comes to pass, look for a big post right here on Motime Like the Present!

good evening friends!