Get Out on the Links!

Matt Rossi is investigating Superman’s iconicity! There are two parts so far–and there may be three by the time you get there pilgrim! It makes for fine reading!

Steven Berg has rounded up most of the recent batch of posts on the alleged fascism inherent in the superhero genre for your convenience…

You can add Adam Completely Futile to the list Steven–I’m not convinced, but I’d like to see Adam follow up on his brief discussion of figures like JJJ, who serve to defuse charges of fascism against the hero by quarantining that opinion in the poisonously denunciatory word balloons of “villainous” characters…

Also–if you haven’t read the most recent “Grim Tidings” column by Graeme McMillan, on the subject of his passion for The Invisibles, you’re missing out! I know Graeme’s got quite a reputation as the snark-master, but really, I don’t know why he bothers when it’s clear from items like this that he actually has a great deal of substance to say! (Is it just fear of sounding like a “fanboy”? Listen–if feasting upon a work of art and loving it is “wrong”, then I don’t want to be right!)

We’re off to see The Big Lebowski at the good ol’ Cinema Du Parc!

Good Afternoon Friends!



  1. Unfortunately, that post virtually exhausted my knowledge of the subject, since it’s been years since I regularly followed any superhero title, and I was never a Marvel reader. The only example of the trope I’m familiar with is Alan Moore’s Captain Britain run, which I hope to blog on when I have time.

    (Incidentally, why do you keep referring to me as “Adam Completely Futile”?)

    –Adam Stephanides

  2. sorry Adam–I somehow missed the fact that your last name is right there on the site banner!

    I don’t know much about Capt. Britain, but I’ll be very interested to read that post!


  3. Thank God you don’t have to call me “Matthew Once I noticed I was on fire, I decided to relax and enjoy the fall” because man, that’s awkward.

    Oh, and glad you’re enjoying the Superman essays. I *think* the next one is the last one.

  4. Actually, my name wasn’t on the site banner until about a week ago.

    I’m looking forward to blogging about Moore’s Captain Britain run, too, when I get a chance. Even though you and me seem to be 180 degrees apart aesthetically (meaning no offense), I’d be interested in knowing what you thought about Moore’s Captain Britain. I know you don’t care much for Moore, but Captain Britain is his major “straight” superhero project–i.e. neither revisionist nor self-consciously retro or otherwise gimmicky, as with the ABC stuff.

    –Adam Stephanides

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