Could be interesting?

Could be interesting?


Wish I could find a way to blip more often (about comics or anything else!)–but I’ll definitely do something on Seaguy: Slaves of Mickey Eye after it’s done.

Also–I want to write an appreciation of Gerry Conway’s solo-protagonist superhero books of the ’70s and ’80s… We’ll see if that happens…

hope you are all well!

good afternoon friends!



  1. I’m belatedly chiming in because for some reason my RSS reader didn’t alert me to the new MLtP content.

    It goes without saying that I’d be very happy with a regular Gerry Conway feature!

    I just read All Star Superman for the first time in trade paperback and it is a remarkable series. I think issue 10 ranks with Batman 663 as one of my favorites from Morrison’s recent work.

    (Did anyone else wonder how stoic Superman is about Leo Quintum ethically questionable experiments in genetic engineering? I paused at the scenes at PROJECT headquarters in, excuse me, ASS #1…and I’m otherwise pretty gung-ho about (bio-)technology.

    I also wondered about Jor-El’s remarks in #12: “All that is impure will burn to ash. And all that is stron and great and true will survive.”

    Have you already taken a look at said Batman issue, “Clown At Midnight”, Dave? I love it to death, as they say.

    I also follow Jeff Smith’s RASL and Ed Brubaker’s “Incognito”. Of course I read anything new by Grant Morrison — for the moment I can’t say much more about Seaguy than that I probably like the second series more than the first — which on the other hand means that my DC reading has dwindled considerably post-Final-Crisis.

    Best regards


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