Chimerae Are Go! (and Cailloux are too!)

Chimerae Are Go! (and Cailloux are too!)


So my novella/prose poem is now available!



Or, for you wonderful Montrealers out there, at my Drawn and Quarterly launch!
Also–in my neverending quest to resuscitate my blogging muse–I have feathered a new net-nest for myself over at Cailloux de cinema. That’s right–I’m gonna try to blog semi-regularly about films! (Let’s hope that the subject of my first entry–William Dieterle’s Six Hours To Live (1932)— doesn’t provide any kind of a forecast of the project’s longevity!)

Anyway–I’ll still pop in at Motime every once in a while–but movie stuff will be at the Cailloux, from now on!

hope all of you are well–good afternoon friends!


  1. thank you Franz! (on both counts!)

    and hey, don’t worry about that extra “n”–“Lucinda” makes me think of Schlegel’s Lucinde, one of my all-time favourites!


  2. bizarre in that I gave up films for comics some years back as to where I put most of my dollars and blogging about them well more power to you.

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