Unhip Hip Hooray

Unhip Hip Hooray


I certainly can’t take any credit for it, since I’ve written all of two posts for my supposed new group blogging home, but I wanted to congratulate The Tragically Unhip on attracting the interest and approval of Montreal’s very own Mirror.


In other news–my novella/prose poem Chimera Lucida should be widely available in January 2009–so please save some of your X-Mas funds for that!


…and I have a lot of grading to do!


Good day friends!




  1. Glad to hear from you, Dave!

    Of course I read “Chimera Lucida” after you had kindly sent me your manuscript and I liked it. At first I wondered about the first part because it didn’t seem at all like your usual narrative voice with quips like “tools of her tirade”. (This one I remember especially, without having to look it up).

    Did you see Plok’s An Invitation To Reason: Critic’s Canon? Maybe the fact that you’re on his list of trusted writers can coax back into blogging?

    The always hopeful


  2. I played with that list a bit just to get it out there and stimulate discussion — otherwise I’d still be hunkered down with it — but Dave’s definitely on it.

    I’ll look forward to Chimera Lucida! Heh…I wrote “Chimera Ludica” at first…

    Merry Christmas, Dave!


  3. verily, ’twas an honour to be named!

    I always WANT to do more blogging (or just SOME blogging, period!), but it just doesn’t happen! Of course, that situation could easily reverse itself at any given moment… who knows?

    as always though–I appreciate knowing that there are people out there who will read the entries I do come up with!

    thank you both!

    and Merry Christmas to all–although I might get a post in here before the day of days!


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