It’s All True

It’s All True

I just re-watched Ang Lee’s Hulk, and I must say: visually, psychologically, narratively, and as a genre statement, it is MUCH more compelling than Dark Knight.

Good day friends!


  1. I think it suffers from being on the one hand too long, and on the other too short –something happened there to break the rhythm, and I think it was probably that some scenes were cut. A four-hour Hulk movie by Ang Lee would probably (in my weird opinion) not have seemed to drag so much — sometimes more logical density is what you want!

    Still have to watch Dark Knight a second time, but to deconstruct it, not to “get it” again…except for Ledger’s Joker performance of course, which I think I would cheerfully watch over and over. Hulk doesn’t need deconstructing, though — it’s all right up there on the screen for you. And there’s no doubt it’s far more ambitious, even if I enjoyed Dark Knight more. Which I did: but I really liked Hulk, too.

    Although Nick Nolte’s muttering really is a bit much after a while.

  2. Oh yeah, definitely.

    I must say, your posts about Batman have really helped me realize why I always had issues with the character. Another piece of the puzzle was a comment about how Batman is a very juvenile fantasy compared to Superman, made by Grant Morrison in his commentary about All-Star Superman (ssshhh, don’t tell Geoff I liked something Morrison said).

    Also, somebody pointed out to me how the modern-day Batman has become such a joke — the constant attempts to raise the stakes in terms of “intensity” in Batman’s world has led to a situation where we are supposed to believe that Batman is the baddest and assiest bad-ass that ever bad-assed, and yet every other month another psychopathic villain mows down thousands of Gotham Citizens. The place is a freakin’ warzone, yet we are meant to believe that the city’s “protector” is the most awesomest superhero on the planet? Ridiculous.

    And I think Ang Lee’s Hulk is fantastic — far superior to The Dark Knight, which I think fails on a bunch of levels. (I’ve got an issue or two with Lee’s Hulk, but for the most part find it magnificent.)

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