The Guerrilla in the Missed Connections

The Guerrilla in the Missed Connections

For your possible delectation–my first post at the new group blog.

This one concerns the immortal Craiglist’s “Missed Connections” column. It’s the first of a series.

And, next up, that top ten comics thing.

good evening friends!



  1. Nice work, Dave! I like that delightfully self-deprecating phrase “vestigial pride without any visible symptoms”. I have to admit, though, that this sort of slice-of-life lightweightness can’t be a substitute for Gruenwald’s complete Cap.

    Hey, that’s what readers are here for: To vent their feelings of undeserved entitlement 🙂


  2. aw thanks Franz!

    someday, some way, I know I’ll get back to Gruenwald, but it just wasn’t happening right now…

    but isn’t it fascinating that my posts on stalkers and the Foucaultian Panopticon are lighter than my discussions of the “funny books”?

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