Unhip Surgery

Unhip Surgery

Okay folks! As you know, I’ve completely failed in my mission to produce work here on a regular basis.

Heroic measures were called for–and then I got an invite to group blog (with some excellent people that I know from my physical Montreal life)

It’s called the Tragically Unhip. Look for it here.

The blog is a lot more diverse than this one has been, and the subject matter will probably be quite different from what you’re used to seeing here (although, as if to ease the transition, I’ve been asked to write a little piece on my “top ten comic books”–I urge you to check that one out. I’m gonna try to aim it at people that aren’t familiar with the material, but I’ve never been good at that, and a few aficionados in the audience certainly couldn’t hurt!)

Perhaps I’ll see you there?

good evening friends!




  1. Are you saying this one is not going to be updated now? What of the issue-by-issue Gruenwald Captain America analysis???

  2. Bloggers always feel like they’re letting everyone down…Dave, you may officially take a break and do some group blogging! It will be okay!

    By the way, which one are you?


  3. thanks Plok!

    actually, I’ll be listed under my very own name–but I won’t be on the sidebar until I actually write something there!


  4. Well, I hope you’ll still swing by Geoff’s blog and comment on the X-Men reviews. It was always great hearing from you! — Jason

  5. oh of course I’m gonna keep reading Jason! (I just haven’t and time to re-read along with you, and thus haven’t had anything of substance to contribute, sadly!)


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