Watch Out!

Watch Out!

I can feel the mad blogs stirring out there in Watchmen-anticipation land!

I’ve got a course syllabus to plan, and Eve Tushnet isn’t helping with her links to analysis-aggregators!

My own writings on Moore’s “bad mood” risen are smeared all over the net–but here’s the blogcritics synthesis of my first kicks at the watchcan–and here are the two entries from our course-discussion of the text, three years ago at MSU–not sure how much of that stuff I would stand by, here in 2008 (I definitely assign the Laurie-Dan relationship a more central role–THE central role, in fact–in my interpretation than I did back then), but it’s out there…

also not helping are

David at Vibrational Match (off to a smashing start with his Filth-blogging–I’ll be jumping in with comments during the week for sure, David!)


Jason Powell, whose discussion of Uncanny X-Men #150 is excellent–although I must take issue with his characterization of Morrison as a cynic (ironist certainly–but there’s no necessary connection between the two modes of perception). This too, will blossom into typed words, some time soon!

Good Evening Friends!



  1. I’ll never argue with someone saying I’ve mischaracterized Morrison. It’s all a shot in the dark where that guy’s concerned.

    That said, his comments about why he did what he did in New X-Men #150 do strike me as cynical. But, hey, whatevs. I look forward to whatever schooling on the subject you care to deliver! 🙂

    Bubble pop electric you’ve got to get it,

    Jason Powell

  2. oh I’m very far from being a Morrison expert myself, having only read a small fraction of his output over the past ten years–and practically none of his actual superhero stuff at DC… but I did download the X-Men books during this blog’s heyday–and I don’t remember finding any of it cynical (I’ll have to revisit the final issues before I commit myself to that for real though)

    one other point is that I actually try to avoid reading what Morrison says about his own books, because it’s almost always disappointing to me…

    All I wanted was a simple kind of life.


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