Meme and Memoranda

Meme and Memoranda

Hard to resist this one, which comes courtesy of David A.
(your favourite album in every year that you have existed upon the planet)

1974: Big Star–Radio City
1975: Dictators–The Dictators Go Girl Crazy
1976: The Ramones — The Ramones
1977: Wire–Pink Flag
1978: Blondie–Parallel Lines
1979: Fleetwood Mac–Tusk
1980: The Clash–Sandinista!
1981: Joan Jett–Bad Reputation/I Love Rock N’ Roll
1982: The Dream Syndicate–Days of Wine and Roses
1983: Elvis Costello & the Attractions–Punch the Clock
1984: Cyndi Lauper–She’s So Unusual
1985: The Smiths–Meat is Murder
1986: REM–Life’s Rich Pageant
1987: The Fastbacks–…And His Orchestra
1988: Pogues–If I Should Fall From Grace With God
1989: 3rd Bass–The Cactus Album
1990: Public Enemy —Fear of a Black Planet
1991: Nirvana–Nevermind
1992: L7–Bricks are Heavy
1993: The Fastbacks–Zucker
1994: Frank Black–Teenager of the Year
1995: The Red Aunts–#1 Chicken
1996: New Kingdom–Paradise Don’t Come Cheap
1997: Sleater-Kinney–Dig Me Out
1998: Hole–Celebrity Skin
1999: Peter Parker--Migliore!
2000: Elastica–The Menace
2001: Le Tigre–Feminist Sweepstakes
2002: Distillers–Sing Sing Death House
2003: Raveonettes–Chain Gang of Love
2004: Talllboys–Scallywag Tag (EP)
2005: The Gossip–Standing in the Way of Control
2006: Gwen Stefani–The Sweet Escape
2007: White Stripes–Icky Thump
2008: Wolf Parade–At Mount Zoomer

Not sure what I can add to that–other than the observation that I am FAR more predictable than David fears he is! We are what we are!

Also, in other Motime news–I am hoping, once again, to make good my return to blogging on a quasi-regular basis! (Of course, given my history here, you might want to take that announcement with a huge chunk of salt.) My situation has changed considerably, over the past couple of months. I’ve got a job writing for an entertainment company–and I’m seriously contemplating bailing on academia ( I WILL be teaching an American history class in the fall–but, right now, I’m expecting that assignment  to be my last stand, as a scholar—at least for a while)

The mere thought of escaping university has already spurred me to write A LOT of fiction (which may or may not lead to anything–but I’m sure having fun with it)–and that excitement could very well spill over onto this blog too!

I don’t think I’ll continue with the Roy Thomas stuff right now though… Instead, I believe I’ll do some ranting about Mark Gruenwald’s much-neglected (and more topical than ever!) run on Captain America  (in a format similar to the one currently serving Jason Powell so well, over at Geoff Klock’s blog). I’ve been itching to re-read those. Haven’t you?

good afternoon friends!




  1. write your cap project over at my blog dude… You will get more feedback. 🙂

    I am going to keep bugging you about this…

  2. Dave, if your list is predictable it’s only in a good way — always a pleasure to see you post anything, anywhere!

    The one surprising item on your list, for me:

    Gwen Stefani — The Sweet Esacpe for 2006. Didn’t see that coming.

    I’ve never listened to that album, but I do find myself entertained by Gwen’s ever-more OTT tendancies, so… yeah, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on that disc, if you ever find the time/if the mood takes you.

    Take care good sir!

    BigsunnyDavid Al

  3. thanks David!

    I must own that my nomination of The Sweet Escape was somewhat in the nature of a “lifetime achievement award” for its creator.

    I’ve only recently begun to take note of the cumulative impact of Stefani’s career, as a whole…and I’m shocked by how great it is!

    as for Sweet Escape itself I do genuinely love the title song + “Wonderful Life”…but the rest of the album isn’t really up to those standards…it just happened to have fewer competitors in its year (from my perspective) than Love. Angel. Music. Baby., Return of Saturn or Tragic Kingdom did…


  4. Gwen Stefani is pop music’s worst lyricist.

    Yet, I am in love with her.

    Can you explain this dichotomy to me?

    Jason Powell

  5. I wish I could explain it Jason–but I’m afraid I simply share in your dilemma (although worst lyricist is a stretch–I think she’s written some great faux naif stuff!)


  6. Well, I can’t think of a worst lyricist — although, if you’ve seen my version of this album-of-the-years-of-your-life meme on my blog, you know my pop music taste is fairly narrow. Gwen is definitely the worst of any I’ve listened to …

    By the way, I forgot to mention, I think it’s so cool that you’re thinking of doing an issue-by-issue look at another long run that was contemporaneous with Claremont’s X-Men run.

    (I’ve only read a few Gruenwald Cap issues, but I do recall enjoying them quite a bit. It was during the Keiran Dwyer era … (so, 1988-89 or so?))

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