Break: Reflections of the Fioro

Break: Reflections of the Fioro

    It’s been more than two years now since I quit blogging on a regular (or, even, really, semi-regular) basis… In fact, I’ve been away from Motime longer than I was ON it… And yet, this site (which had become a dump for seminar papers and comment-spam) and its wonderful readers have never been far from my thoughts, and I’ll be plundering our conversations quite shamelessly, in the dissertative days ahead. And considering that those days are dawning, I figured, why not resume posting, in the bargain? I’m not THAT busy–ask any of my  Facebook scrabble nemeses…

    The blogscape has changed a lot. Peiratikos no more! Dan Jacobson back on the Garbage Heap? The Intermittent fully stopped! I’m glad JW Hastings and Sean Collins are still out there plugging–those two were instrumental in fostering my late, lamented commitment to quotidian blogging. We didn’t always (or even very often!) agree, but we differed in (I think) interesting ways, and that’s what keeps conversations going. In other news, let’s hope The Comics Treadmill, which began rolling a month or so after Motime, goes on forever! Neilalien is still the World’s Greatest Palindrome. And isn’t it great that Ian Brill is doing so well?

    I am pleased to note that the level of analytical comics-discourse on-line appears to have risen in my absence. Jog doesn’t seem tired, Jim Roeg (whom I got to know a little bit, in this blog’s waning days) goes on articulating, and Plok, whose site I’ve only just scratched the surface of, has written some amazing stuff that I’ll just have to react to, some day! Oh! And Geoff Klock (whose book–How to Read Superhero Comics and Why–remains the only scholarly treatment of superheroes that I find intellectually stimulating–although, of course, as you may recall, I disagree violently with its Kirby-centric interpretation) is doing excellent things, including providing Jason Powell with a megaphone to rouse a world deaf-to-the-wonders of Chris Claremont (I, too, am so-afflicted Jason–I’m a Roy Thomas X-Fan–but I love your enthusiasm!)  I’ll make a point of following these people this year. It will be good for my head.

Good Afternoon Friends!




  1. Dave, I had no idea you were back! What a relief. A friend got Geoff Klock’s book for me a couple of years ago, I liked it a lot as well…although I think he makes a major mistake with his analysis of Planetary…but then again I made one too. Odd how frequently I disagree with his blog posts…certainly when I agree with him, he describes our agreement almost perfectly…then when I disagree, I can’t believe how inept he is at describing the places we differ!

    Nevertheless, I feel like he analyzes in good faith. About the opposite of what I’m beginning to think of the digerati stalwarts of…cripes, you would think the Large Hadron Collider is a Big Daddy God who’s gonna come and take all the bad dreams away!

    Thanks for the kindly mention…although I’m sure you’ll find about two-thirds of what I’ve written (slice it any way you like) is at best Jim Roeg Lite, and at worst Jim Roeg Zero.

    Look forward to reading your latest essay!


  2. Ahh but when will we see you thoughts on Spiderman’s OMD and the sinking of the Marvel grand narrative like the Titanic.

    go us mo’


  3. greetings to you both! (and congratulations to Tim–I’ll have to check that out)

    Plok–your meditations on Roy Thomas and the Marvel status quo alone are enough to put you on my must-read list!

    And you know, I would argue that Roy did the same thing at DC in the eighties, in the hard-workin’ pages of All-Star Squadron, whence originated the immortal/indispensable term: “retcon”. Of course, it seems like the minute he got serious about impressing his weirdly aporetic stamp of auteurship upon Earth-2, the Crisis people began planning to take it all away from him–but Roy didn’t go down without a fight! It was a photo-finish (in more ways than one!)… And there you have it–possibly the first pun dependent entirely upon the conclusion of All-Star Squadron #60…


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