Top DC Characters (my 50 cents worth)

Top DC Characters (my 50 cents worth)

consultation with my Inner (barely concealed) Nerd yielded these results:

1. Animal Man– Buddy Baker
2. Flash — Barry Allen
3. Crazy Jane — Kay Challis
4. The Spectre– Jim Corrigan
5. Atom — Ray Palmer
6. Liberty Belle — Libby Lawrence
7. Superman/Superboy — Clark Kent
8. Captain Atom — Nathaniel Adam
9. Jean Loring (pre-Identity Crisis)
10. Per Degaton
11. Dr. Fate — Kent Nelson
12. Supergirl — Linda Danvers
13. Northwind — Norda Cantrell
14. Mr. Bones (from Infinity Inc.)
15. Krypto
16. Green Lantern — Hal Jordan
17. Firebrand — Dannette Reilly
18. Rex the Wonder Dog
19. Rip Hunter
20. Robotman — Cliff Steele
21. Reverse-Flash — prof. Zoom
22. Iris West-Allen
23. Donna Troy
24. Guardian — Mal Duncan
25. Lois Lane
26. Guardian — Jim Harper
27. Hourman — Rex Tyler
28. Wonder Woman — Diana Prince
29. Rebis — Larry Trainor
30. Nightwing/Robin — Dick Grayson
31. Jade — Jennie-Lynn Hayden
32. Nuklon — Albert Rothstein
33. Tempest — Joshua Clay
34. Metamorpho — Rex Mason
35. Lana Lang
36. Brainiac 5 — Querl Dox
37. Phantom Girl — Tinya Wazzo
38. Firestorm — Ronnie Raymond/Martin Stein
39. Time Trapper
40. Jimmy Olsen
41. Saturn Girl — Imra Ardeen
42. Pied Piper — Hartley Rathaway
43. the chief — Niles Caulder
44. Phantom Stranger
45. Hawkman — Katar Hol
46. Tarantula — Jonathan Law
47. Solomon Grundy
48. amazing Man — Will Everett
49. Ultra-Humanite
50. Kid Flash/Flash — Wally west

(if you’re scratching your head right now, please blame Grant Morrison, Roy Thomas, Cary Bates, Carmine Infantino, and Roger Stern for distorting my perspective on the DCU with their wonderful work)

watch for the results of this momentous poll at The Great Curve.

good afternoon friends!




  1. The list is nice but there’s a far more urgent question: What do you think about “Seven Soldiers”?

    I have read around 2/3 of the 29 issues currently available and like it a lot so far. “Shining Knight” is surprisingly dark for a semi-mainstream comic, “Guardian” has very nice, detailed artwork from Cameron Stewart and its fourth issue is just how love Morrison (playful and with lots of subtext). Zatanna seems to be the most light-hearted of all Seven Soldiers series (lots of dead-pan humor is in there, see issue 2). Klarion has the most interesting art (I think at moment). But with all this goodness it’s probably easier to point out the weakest link of the chain. I tend to think this is “Bulleteer” which, at least after a first reading has its weaknesses and suffers from less than stellar art. I don’t know why but Bulleteer No. 2 is my least favorite issue from the 7S series.

    Best regards


    Now dl’ing: Art Spiegelman February 27 talk in Eugene, Oregon:

  2. Since I never got around to blogging about the list I submitted, I’ll just post it here for your amusement:

    1. Supergirl (Kara Zor-El, pre-Crisis)

    2. Batgirl/Oracle (Barbara Gordon)

    3. Mary Marvel (Mary Batson)

    4. Insect Queen (Lana Lang, pre-Crisis)

    5. Wonder Woman (Diana Prince)

    6. Saturn Girl

    7. Triplicate Girl

    8. Zatanna

    9. Black Canary (Dinah Drake Lance)

    10. Hawkgirl (Shayera Hol)

    11. Power Girl (Karen Starr)

    12. Elastigirl (Rita Farr)

    13. Catwoman (Selina Kyle)

    14. Lois Lane

    15. Batman (Bruce Wayne)

    16. Looker

    17. Plastique

    18. Platinum of the Metal Men

    19. Beatiful Dreamer of the Forever People

    20. Emerald Empress

    21. Huntress (Helena Wayne)

    22. Gem Girl (Susan “Suzy” Shoemaker)

    23. Ferro Lad

    24. Two-Face (Harvey Dent)

    25. Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)

    26. Booster Gold

    27. Flash (Barry Allen)

    28. Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)

    29. Green Lantern (Guy Gardner)

    30. Hourman (Rex Tyler)

    31. Superman (Clark Kent)

    32. Joker

    33. The Phantom Stranger

    34. Jonah Hex

    35. Karate Kid

    36. Krypto

    37. Golden Age Superman of Earth-Two (Clark Kent)

    38. Mr. Terrific (Terry Sloane)

    39. Deadshot

    40. Dr. Mid-Nite (Dr. Charles McNider)

    41. The Human Bomb

    42. Ambush Bug

    43. Animal Man

    44. Kid Psycho

    45. Super Chief

    46. The Composite Superman (Joe Meach)

    47. Duke of Oil

    48. Earth-Two Robin (Dick Grayson)

    49. The Ten-Eyed Man

    50. Bizarro-Flash

  3. You managed to surprise me with this list. I would never have thought that Nightwing would get a place in your list, considering your distaste for Batman. Was it Wolfman’s and Perez’s take on Dick that makes him palatable?

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