Ceci n’est pas un retour

Ceci n’est pas un retour

Well, it’s missing most of the items that I would’ve tried to cram in there (Daredevil c#55-60, any X-Men issue featuring Bernard the Poet/Werner Roth artwork, 3-D Man!,  “they shoot hulks, don’t they”, pretty much the entire Dr. Strange run with Gene Colan, not to mention the immense body of text pieces/lettercols that, taken as a group, might very well constitute Thomas’ greatest contribution to the genre–although it must be owned that the most important concept that he ever introduced in that forum–“retroactive continuity”–appeared in a comics galaxy far far removed from the one under discussion here), but this is significant news!

The inclusion of Millie the Model–at the expense, thank Galactus!, of Conan–however, strikes me as inspired (but then again, I’m probably the world’s greatest Conan hater–and I’m fascinated by romance comics… you might feel differently, dear reader!) I’m sure Jim Roeg is as pleased as I am to note that FF #176 made the cut–and the presence of Doctor Strange, Sorceror Supreme #9 is welcome indeed! (that entire series–at least up until it hit the infinite crossover wall–is definitely worth an Essentials volume!)

my computer’s still broken, but I love you all, friends!



  1. “They Shoot Hulk Don’t They?” is a fantastic comic, one that I think says a lot about Thomas’s writing and where Marvel was at the time. It also has one of the funniest (on purpose) sequences I’ve ever seen in a comic, as Hulk tries to stop a waiter.

    The Stan Lee book has some of the old Stan Soapbox’s so maybe this book will feature some of those text peices you yearn for!

    -Ian Brill

  2. agreed Ian–Thomas really put his all into those Hulk comics in the early seventies (and so did the readers–in Greenskin’s Grab Bag)

    the Xeron/Klaatu story (a permutation of Moby Dick) is awesome too… but at least the era is represented by “Heaven is a very small place”… am I the only one who finds it bizarre that the only Thomas/Colan item which made the cut is from Tales of Suspense? they could’ve devoted an entire volume to that duo’s work in DD, Dr. Strange, the Avengers (perhaps they will? that would certainly explain things!)

    hope you’re right about the text pieces–I’d love to see a few Roy’s Rostrums in there (although the Boy’s genius wasn’t particularly well suited to that mode of expression), and I’d be even happier to see stuff like the notes on Bill Everett from the back of Saga of the Sub-Mariner


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