Don’t Jump!

Don’t Jump!

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And have a wonderful holiday friends!

 (my new year’s resolution is to make three/four substantive posts a week, right here, on an even greater variety of subjects than ever, starting on january 1st–so hurry back!)

your pal–



  1. “my new year’s resolution is to make three/four substantive posts a week”

    And don’t forget your “posting debts”. What about Cerebus? 🙂 Your series had a very detailed start but then you seem to have lost interest – understandably, I want to add – and intended to write a big concluding entry (IIRC).

    Best regards


  2. I’ve just looked up Motime’s last reference to Cerebus. It’s here:

    BTW, I like your description of the Cerebus project:

    “…incredible record of one frightened and unbelievably prideful man’s attempt to stand in the eye of a storm of romantic, social, political, and aesthetic pressures that no human being could (or should want to!) withstand… ”

    “Frightened and unbelievably prideful”? That sounds right to me! As does the “eye of the storm” part. Sim had to endure a lot of verbal abuse over the years. But then there’s no way around it. Most of his views need to be resisted with resolve. (There’s still his acceptable self-publishing agenda as a saving grace – and the almost touching way in which he is in mail contact with his fans.)


  3. You said it Franz–a quick examination of my “promisory posts” reveals that I deep in the red (read?)… I’ll certainly do my best to rectify that–although the nature of blogging almost guarantees that I will often wind up broaching new subjects before dealing with the old ones…

    on Cerebus–I’m still convinced that someone oughtta write a book on it, but I discovered, right around the time that Cerebus’ parents’ neighbour declared Jaka a “harlot” (or, maybe, when Sim corroborated the epithet–with voice of God certainty–in the lettercol two or three issues later), that it just can’t be me… contrary to what you sometimes hear, Sim’s problem–as an artist–isn’t misogyny…even when he was a libertine/anarchist, he was something of a misogynist (or, at least, an incipient misogynist–in that he has always thought about gender far too much…) things really went south when Sim began to anchor his misogyny to the distressingly stable metaphysics that he’s settled upon… he’s always been wrong–but he also couldn’t help telling stories which undermined his own stated opinions…

    Sim (and Cerebus) didn’t become stupid until the Hemingway stories (in which he pulls a Kurt and Courtney–and you can’t get dumber than that!–and tried to prove that Mary Hemingway killed Big Papa)

    all of a sudden there’s a God watching these doings–instead of a frail human being–and that makes all of the difference, on a narratological level (even though the God and the man are exactly the same)

    I’m not really sentimental/nostalgic about superhero comics…I started reading them too late for that…but Cerebus is a different story… actually witnessing the complete disintegration of Sim’s mind was too much for me… yes–I knew it was coming. And yes–it’s a crucial element of the series as I’ve described it (the transformation of from satire to scripture through the agency of madness and a subtle narrative shift)… but I’ve discovered that it hurts too much for me to actually write about it…

    I’ll look forward to reading anything anyone else wants to write though!

    see you soon!


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