What the Hell Has Dave Been Doin?

What the Hell Has Dave Been Doin?

Working on Chimera Lucida, mostly–and trying to find a way to continue my academic career without ever having to leave the island of Montreal…

However, I have been keeping tabs on what you folks have been up to, and I do expect that I will get back into a good posting rhythm, at some time in the not too distant future…

In the meantime, I’d like to bring a few items to your attention–

1 This discussion of genre & “Junk aesthetics” (not to mention “distributed intelligence”) ought to interest all of you veterans of the superhero/”artcomix” wars.

2.  Jim Roeg’s piece on Roy Thomas’ Fantastic Four #176 is incredible–’nuff said (for now!)

3. last, but not least, my friend Anthony now has an art/graphic design blog! (and he took my advice and used Motime) Go and sample his wares!

thank you and good afternoon friends!


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  1. presentness”—suspended above an increasingly protean body of temporally unclassifiable “past” experiences—inconsistencies arose, and narrative logic became muddled. This problem did not go unnoticed by those readers who contributed to the letters pages, and the most persuasive instances of this epistolary exegesis bled back into the ongoing narrative.

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