This Probably Isn’t News To You, But…

This Probably Isn’t News To You, But…

Jim Roeg’s Double Articulation is an astonishingly good (mostly comics) blog!

For an example of what I mean, see this entry on the mid-to-late seventies FF’s by Len Wein and George Perez--my only quibble here is that, in a footnote, Jim has misattributed the authorship of FF #176 (return of the Impossible Man!) to Wein… don’t mess with Roy the Boy, dude!

Also–Dylan Abbott looks like a man to watch (especially if you, like me, are in search of a fellow pilgrim on the miserable road to Cerebus #300)

Good evenin’ friends!


  1. Hey Dave–thanks for the plug! As you can no doubt tell, it’s a labour of love. Thanks also for catching my gaff about Roy; can’t believe I missed that! All fixed now… BTW, incredible blog. So great to read another intensely political take on comic books. Rock on!


  2. hey Jim, I relish any excuse to mention Roy Thomas, so you did me a favour (and I’m really looking forward to your piece on FF #176!)


  3. Hey, Dave! Steven and I watched Mulholland Drive the other night (he’d seen it twice before) and I hope I’ll be able to say something about it eventually, but for now I am fully clouded by a sinus infection and am not functioning mentally.

    I’m a big fan of Double Articulation, too (and of Motime, so I’m glad you’ve got time to get back to it)!


  4. oh please do write about MD Rose! (why do people call it MH? Charles? that article was interesting by the way…kind of sits on the fence between our respective interpretations of the film)

    I do intend to put more energy into this blog soon, but I’ve been doing a lot of (fiction) writing + attempting to resist the soul-destroying effects of Cerebus’ Latter Days… For a while there, I was thinking that I could use Dave Sim’s series as the basis for a dissertation that I could work on in Montreal–but it’s not gonna happen… I just hate it too much…


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