You’ll have things you’ll want to talk about…And I…will…too.

You’ll have things you’ll want to talk about…And I…will…too.


I’m not quite ready to report for full-time blogging duty (for one thing, my internet access has been sporadic), however, I shall return (I’ve always wanted to invoke Mr. Rogers and Douglas MacArthur in the same post!), so keep me in your thoughts (and your bookmarks!) friends!

That subject line is no lie, I’ll have a lot to say, when the time comes! In the past little while, I’ve been reading lots of Cerebus, re-reading old Steve Englehart comics, dipping into the mind of Philip K. Dick, and watching a lot of great movies (including Ride The Pink Horse, directed by Robert Montgomery and written by Ben Hecht)… I’m finally reading Godwin’s Caleb Williams too–so good!

but enough about me–

here’s a fine paper on Watchmen that everyone should read

and here’s a new group blog that bears watching–Long Sunday

good afternoon friends!



  1. Hey, I’ve been reading a lot of Englehart, too. I just finished Celstial Madonna and am about to begin the rest of his Avengers run. I’m also reading his JLA run, which is great. The Stainless one does old fashioned stories (back when they were new fashioned) better than almost anybody else.

    I’m going to start reading Valis as soon as I pick it up from my old house.

  2. I love Englehart’s Avengers! I’ve been reading his Dr. Strange run of late… it’s so annoying that he never got to finish the magical mystery tour of American history (which hit an unexpected wall in Dr. Strange #18)… Englehart and Dick have something in common actually–they both saw Nixon’s presidency as somehow the most horrific thing that could’ve happened to America–which is just astonishing, when you consider that the Republican party is about a hundred times scarier now than it was back in the mid-70’s!

  3. Do you know the nice documentary “Cinemania” [IMDB/Homepage]? It’s about a couple of more or less (but rather more) neurotic New Yorker film buffs, including the intellectual Jack Angstreich, who’s managed to become a sort of film buff “celebrity”. I think it’s well worth picking up on your next trip to a video store.



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