A Few Actual Words From Our Host:

A Few Actual Words From Our  Host:

Things should return to normal around here by the end of the week, once I finish off my paper on Transcendentalism and Humane Aesthetics (did you know that Emerson was on the board of the Massachusetts Society For the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals?)… I’ll post that essay, return to “subjectivism” and Mr. Charles Reece, and then launch into a bit of Cerebus: High Society blogging! Also–there are a bunch of movies that I’ll have to discuss… For right now though, uh–wanna hear me talking to my cat?

good afternoon friends!


  1. The inflections that I usually attribute to the exclamation-point-riddle postings are lost in the audio, I’m afraid. But perhaps it lends a bit of weight to my suspicion that the exclamation point is the period on the comic page, and perhaps in the writings of particularly enthusiastic people. And I just realized that I failed to include any exclamation points in this post. I wonder what that means…

    -Dan J

  2. it’s true Dan–my punctuation habits were handed down to me from the Marvel high command, circa 1973… I only play a high-pressure spazz on Motime–in fact, I am an extremely mellow guy (too mellow for my own good, some would say!)


  3. Ha, I wouldn’t even put a ! after “fuck you,” because I rarely get that excited when writing out a thought. In person, I have a voice that tends to carry (ugh! no pop quotes, please) and get louder as I get into an argument. So, I’m you’re opposite, Dave. (Well, I’m actually mellow, too, unless there’s a juicy argument to be had.)


  4. Motime’s blog exclamania has an infectious effect on me. I’m using ems a lot more than earlier!

  5. The last incomlplete post was from FrF (me). Hopefully here’s the complete one:

    Motime’s blog exclamania has an infectious effect on me. I’m using ems a lot more than earlier! See? But I haven’t entered the stage of the multiple exclamation marks 🙂

    Here are two links that might be useful as a journalistic addendum to Dave’s recent Short Historiography of the New Right in America. It’s Matt Taibbi’s Bush Like Me in of all things the Rolling Stone. Normally I’m not that keen on Taibbi’s excoriations – they’re good for a guilty chuckle, though – but this is a notable reportage on his days in the Bush campaign. (He posed as a teacher on vacation and joined the GOP in Orlando.) I found the passages about African American Republicans and Taibbi’s visit of a conservative working class family especially interesting.

  6. good link Franz! I think he’s right about what fundamentalists want–not a Big Brother lockdown, just an endless fucking “moral” debate between the sheep and the goats which keeps the important issues off of the table…


  7. That audio message was pretty lamentable. Rather how I sound when I have nothing to say (only I’d be reading Nabokov instead of Emerson). got the cat to yelp on my phone message, too (through non-violent means)

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