Loco Gods

Loco Gods

Leave it to the Comics Blogosphere to reel me right back in, just as I had given up on explaining why I think the superhero universes are unique exemplars of “intersubjectively constructed neo-existential romance”…

Rose and Ken each have interesting things to say about the construction of the online comics community as a gendered space. I don’t have much to add here–although I did get verbose in their respective comments-sections…

One thing I can say with a reasonable degree of certainty is that the “hyper-masculinization” of superhero discourse is a relatively recent thing. To be sure, these comics were always geared toward a male demographic, but, if you take a look at the Silver Age Marvel lettercols, you will notice that they almost always feature at least one letter (out of, on average, three or four) written by a woman. Again–I’m not saying that these comics made any particular effort to attract female readers (in fact, many of the letters take Stan et al to task for failing to treat women’s liberation as seriously as the civil rights and anti-war movements), but they didn’t work overtime to alienate these people either! Is the “rightward gender shift” in superhero comics a product of the direct market revolution? As many women have noted–they don’t feel any more welcome in a “superhero store” than they do at the Bendis board… Perhaps the much-discussed return to the newstands will help to change things? 

Good Night Friends

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