“You guys know that Cap is a defender of the establishment”

What Would Albert Rodriquez Say About New Frontier?

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

uh….probably the same thing, don’t ya think?

(from  Captain America #110–February 1969)

The cool thing is that, a few issues after this letter was printed, even Stan’s Cap would find himself besieged by very Rodriquezian thoughts (i.e. page 3 of issue #122: Colan’s Cap saunters down a New York street, trailing thought balloons of self-doubt…”it isn’t hip–to defend the establishment!  Only to tear it down! And in a world rife with injustice, greed, and endless war–who’s to say the rebels are wrong? But I’ve never learned to play by today’s new rules! I’ve spent a lifetime defending the flag–and the law! Perhaps–I should have battled less–and questioned more!)

This sets the stage perfectly for Englehart’s Cap’s manic-depressive crisis of belief late in Nixon’s presidency, and–on the other side of the Kirbyan abyss–Gruenwald’s Cap’s realization that he (and each of us) exists to judge the laws–and the country–he once defended…

Good night friends!


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