Just follow Roy…

Just Follow Roy…

Who says Vertigo and Bill Jemas ushered in the “Age of the Comics Writer”?
(well Sean Collins, for one, has said this)

But I think that Chet Jelinski would beg to differ!

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You know how some people wish it could be Christmas all year ’round? (okay, okay…I’m one of those people)

I wish that the “Age of Roy Thomas” could’ve lasted forever!

But, even assuming that you aren’t quite as mad about “The Boy” as I am, you’ve gotta admit, this is a fun letter–and it aptly demonstrates that, even back in the days of Gary Groth’s craftsman-gods, the reading public understood the importance of the superhero scribe!

Good night friends!




  1. Roy Thomas is one of the writers who’s always been recognized as equal to the artists, even by the Journal. He was my favorite when I was a kid. But I don’t think you could reasonably claim that comics writers were as celebrated in the 60s and 70s to the degree they are now.

    — Charles

  2. hmm…well, that’s probably true…but I also see “respect for the writer/scripter”, in superhero comics, since the sixties, as something of a square root sign shaped progression, with the nadir coming around the time that every “hot” artist (Image) started getting Jack Kirby-style writer/artist privileges… did anything good come of that practice?

    Walt Simonson, maybe Frank Miller (although Miller probably never should’ve been an artist in the first place)…

    Kirby himself set the horrific standard in this regard–he may have invented a lot of toys in the sandbox, but he had no clue how to play with them…

    (of course–anyone who feels that the “narrative-awareness”

    of Thomas, Conway, Englehart, Stern, Gruenwald, Morrison, et al is what destroyed superhero comics in the first place will disagree vehemently with this contention–but that’s what these threads are for–right????)


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