Arts and Crafty

Arts and Crafty

Our first Animal Man course-entry is up!

If you know anything about me, you know that this is the big one, as far as superhero comics and I are concerned… Hopefully, this will translate into wonderment in the classroom! We’ll see!

This week’s post is a snapshot of the lettercol reaction to “The Coyote Gospel”. I chose this route because I don’t want to impose my reading upon the students just yet (also, the letters are mostly quite good!)–but if you’ve got anything to contribute, please… impose away!!

The Animal Man lettercol provides the perfect opportunity for a segue to my other announcement, which is that–during this end o’ semester craziness, anyway–my new plan is to use this site to post daily (or near-daily) lettercol items (with brief annotations)… We’ll call it “Missives you (might’ve) Missed” or something like that…

good night friends!



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