Is this an awesome page or what?

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Also, from the same era (late sixties DD)–the secret origin of the blogosphere:

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I refer, of course, to the style of the debate that Pasko (destined to become a fairly lame comics-scribe himself) laments (and furthers, with his whining about being misinterpreted…or should I say “Shratt upon”?)–however, even the content ought to be pretty familiar to most of you… This futile attempt to define “realism” has droned on long enough, don’t you think? I wish the editor had had the guts to disavow the term completely–in favour of “existentialism”, ‘natch! (of course, this is precisely what the invocation of O’Neill accomplishes, in a round-about way…but isn’t it sad that popular storytellers–if they want any respect at all–have to pretend to be striving for motherfuckin’ “realism”?)

Good night friends!



  1. Y’know, Marty Pasko went on to write a ton of comics for DC in the 70’s, including a pretty good stint on Metal Men with Walt Simonson. I think he moved on to animation, but I haven’t heard anything about him in years…

  2. I agree Johnny (and perhaps I was too hard on poor Marty up there)–the Simonson Metal Men run is great, and anyone that had a hand in it can’t be all lame!

    Also–Pasko was the poor sap that had the misfortune to precede Alan Moore on Swamp Thing

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