Now We Are Two!

 Now We Are Two!

The ACAPCWOVCCAOE had better watch out! We MSU Comics Bloggers are moving up on the charts!

Friends–meet Seth Morton! I just met him last week, but I’m sold already.

I could go on, but the man has written his own Declaration of Principles–so who needs my introduction? (although I will add that if you are interested in Sandman-blogging–and I don’t recall seeing any of that during my time in orbit ’round the ‘sphere–Logos is going to be the place to be for the forseeable future!)

back to my paper!

good afternoon!


  1. Wow….not just one, but two people besides me at MSU who are interested in the academic potential in comics. Fantastic!

    Weren’t you part of the Comix Scholar List at one point and time?


  2. I’m still part of it, although I haven’t been nearly active enough on that list, sadly!

    what do you study?

    tell me more!


  3. Me either, actually.

    I’m interested in formalism and adaptation mostly. I’ve been working on a paper about Otto “Eando” Binder’s adaptations of his pulp work for comics.

    I’m actually a staff member at the U, but strongly considering applying to the American Studies program.

  4. hey that sounds fascinating! (I know Binder mainly through Supergirl…but I know there’s a lot more to him than that! Not that supergirl isn’t great…cause she is!)

    I hope you do come on board the American Studies express! There aren’t many of us working on comics and I would welcome an expansion of those ranks!


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