You’ve Got Rights. Lots of Rights.

 You’ve Got Rights. Lots of Rights.

1. You have the right to go read (and, hopefully, contribute to!) our class discussion of The Dark Knight Returns. (not to mention Fight Club)

2. You have the right to check out my latest thoughts on Grimace and Gramsci–over on the livejournal I started in order to serve as a repository for all of my non-comic book related meanderings… (I think that, sometime soon, for my own sanity–although probably not for yours!–I will begin collating all of the Mulholland Dr. talk that’s been going on of late–mostly in comments-sections–into a g-mail style “conversation” on the journal.) From now on–this place is all comics all the time (although the posts may not be as frequent…the LJ however, will be updated every day…at least until things get crazy this summer!)

3. You have the right to expect a post on Cerebus #20–but I’m not sure when I’ll get to it! It’s a doozy! (the issue I mean–the post isn’t anything right now…you think I plan these things in advance? or edit them? you have no right to expect that!)

Good Evening Friends!

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