This is a pretty good lil’ quiz

This is a pretty good lil’ quiz

Although I corrected a spelling mistake in the text–that’s not punk!

Kathleen hanna
You are Kathleen Hanna. You are observant and
aware. You are concerned and as nice as can be.
You’ll do anything to make a statement and
aren’t afraid to talk about issues other people
ignore. You’ve had some issues but music is
your therapy.

Which punk rock goddess are you?
brought to you by Quizilla



  1. Holy moley! I was listening to Le Tigre when I saw this. Granted, I’m not too surprsied you would happen to get this result.

  2. I’m not anybody. I kept getting an error on the page. I suppose it’s because I’m just not punk (what’s wrong with Stevie Nicks?).

    Le Tigre creeps me out because of that girl who, seriously, looks like a man. Does that make me narrow-minded?


  3. aha!

    you’re right though, Ian–it was pretty much a foregone conclusion which result I’d get… I’m checking out the other options now (no Sleater-Kinneyans)–and while I have a great deal of love for Love, Dalle, and Jett, I think it’s pretty safe to say that I’m not very much like any of them…

    but thank god I’m not a Lunachick–man they really annoy me!


  4. I don’t know Greg–they’re pretty damned amazing! (and I don’t find’em creepy at all…)

    but I love Stevie Nicks too…


  5. Greg said:

    “Le Tigre creeps me out because of that girl who, seriously, looks like a man. Does that make me narrow-minded?”


    Steven Berg

  6. that’s certainly what I was thinking too Steven–but I think that the inclusion of that final question proves that Greg knows that he’s got a problem (and knowing is half the…)

    your penance–go out and buy every Le Tigre, Julie Ruin, and, most importantly, Bikini Kill album…


  7. Sheesh – I joke because I love. I’ve actually never heard a Le Tigre song in my life – I am old and punk makes my ears bleed. Mayhap I’ll have to check them out one of these days. So what if she looks like a man!

    (Just so you won’t think I’m too old, I really like Sleater-Kinney, and how dare you, Dave, bash the Lunachicks? Saw them in Philly lo these many years ago, and they rocked!)

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