There Are Some Really Great Blogs Out There, Y’Know?

 There Are Some Really Great Blogs Out There, Y’Know?

Here I am, juggling several chapters of my novel, reading Necro Citizenship for my big final paper on Blithedale and Pierre, pondering Cerebus entries (not to mention The Life of Reilly)…and these people just won’t let up!

1. Greg Burgas discusses Animal Man!
2. John Pistelli produces another thought-provoking gem! And, along the way, he introduces me to–
3. Alphonse Von Worden and K-Punk
4. Jog actually finds a way to use that “10 Things” meme to humorous effect!
5. and Ian directs my attention to an excellent Grant Morrison interview!

How the hell’m I s’posed to get any work done? (those contractions save a bit o’ time, but not enough!)

Oh wait! This stuff is just as (or even more) thought-provoking as (than) graduate school! So why the hell did I ever leave Montreal? In sooth–I have no answer to that one… but I will have a Cerebus post up later tonight, sans faute!

See you then friends!



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