The ‘Maze The Thing

 The ‘Maze The Thing

Tom Bondurant has posted a fine overview of ‘Mazing Man–to which I contributed a few thoughts(inspired by a T.M. Maple missive!) about the series’ relationship to Harvey,

Also–Tom mentions the character’s very special appearance in Secret Origins #16 (that whole series is another of my eighties favourites)…

anyway–here it is, in its entirety:

Image Hosted by

uh…Cerebus #14-16 tomorrow…I ain’t kiddin’ this time!

Good Night Friends!



  1. Thanks Dave! I hadn’t seen that page in years!

    (Also hadn’t noticed the unity of Simon & Garfunkel flyers and the dumpster in panel #6 — how often would Maze end up conked out and singing the complete S&G catalog…?)

    Tom Bondurant

  2. yes indeed–all of the pieces fit together! (sort of!) ‘Maze in the goodwill box (after being cold-cocked and shoved in there by Laurel & Hardy) crooning “I am a rock” is a real highpoint of the series for me…

    and I really love that final tableau on this page–Maze helping his canine friend out of that tin muzzle…it perfectly reflects the extent of my own heroic endeavors, over the years (pulling stuck cat-claws out of window screens is my speciality!)

    we do what we can!

    and it’s the thought that counts (not the “balls”)


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