I Don’t Usually Do Much of This Sort of Thing–but…

 I don’t generally go in for this sort of Thing–however…

when Grimace grows disproportionately long arms, loses his pupils, turns brown, and goes off his medshakes–I pay attention!

You bet yer ass he’s part of the show–from where I sit!

And if you must know–he’s from McDonaldland,  you crazy bastard. Satisfied? Now go find Ronald–quickly!

(We can thank Jack Kirby for this one–and the Silver Age Marvel Comics Cover Index)

okay–good night friends!


  1. maybe Grant Morrison could make something like this work nowadays, but i wouldn’t trust any other contemporary writer or artist to fuck with Grimace. Grimace is way to jovial a world ender when he’s evil to work as a grim, sort of talkative character. And I doubt I could stomache Ronald in any comic. Is there really any creepier commercial icon than Ronald. He’s a singing, magic wielding, yellow clad clown with a sick fascination with kids. I’d sooner see Hambuglar, afterall “rabble rabble rabble,” is something I never get sick of hearing.


  2. it really doesn’t Tim…those monsters will be busting guts–not to mention whole city blocks–long after we’re gone…

    and Marlon, I quite agree: that whole McDonaldland thing is more evil–and aggressive–than Orqwith! What can you say about commercials that were more interesting than the shows they sponsored?

    There was a time, back in the early-to-mid-eighties, when I actually wanted to run off and join Grimace, Birdie and those little Happy Meal guys in their garish romps…and– despite my incipient vegetarianism–I somehow didn’t care that the whole thing was basically a slaughterhouse festooned with Care Bears…


  3. Oh, come on… Is “Orrgo” really the *worst* menace the Earth has *ever* known? Surely there’s something worse than a big mindless uggo rampaging at the circus. Like thermonuclear destruction — that’s a pretty bad menace.

  4. I, too must own that I have my doubts as to whether Orrgo is everything that his cover-page svengali wisecracks him up to be!

    certainly, when it comes to rampaging through circuses, our brute’s got the imposing legacy of the Marx Bros. to contend with… and we just won’t know how well he stacks up, as a menace, until someone tells us how it all turned out! Perhaps, in some parallel universe, somewhere, the children of those scrambling folks have lived out their lives in perpetual fear of this very monster!

    That’s just how things are…on Earth-Orrgo!

    (they threatened to review the story last year, at Monsterblog, by the way–but something appears to have prevented it from happening…)


  5. omigod, dave, do not ever make out with a 40+ year plus old woman in a club. your friends will not let you hear the end of it. i repeat, grimace cannot save you. the purplish, brown world-ender can do nothing for you. you have no idea how embarassed i am right now. by the way, what do think about peter david’s 80’s run on spider-man? it’s not the clone saga, but i loved it. and Darkling I listen was excellent. i couldn’t stop laughing over the unsolved mysteries passage. hopefully your next novel takes it to another level.


  6. hey thanks Marlon–remember, there really are people out there that will be offended if you start to make fun of Robert Stack!

    Peter David’s spider-man?–I liked it too. “When Cometh–the Commuter” was pretty great! I’m generally in favour of the man’s eighties work…

    and, you know, there are worse things to be accused of than participation in a consensual lapse of judgement in a bar (that’s what those places are for, no?)


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