Use Only As Directed!

Use Only As Directed!

Sheer busy-ness (+ okay, I admit it, preparations for an internet Diplomacy game!) has been keeping me from making my appointed Cerebusian rounds (although there will be time for a post on “Black Magiking”–& maybe even the Palnu Trilogy–tomorrow!), but I didn’t want to let another day go by without sharing this with you, my friends (it’s from Incredible Hulk #135, dated January 1971–those halcyon days of Thomas n’ Trimpe! Just look at that first epistle! James C. Fish–if you’re still out there–it’s people like you that make this whole lettercol thing of mine worthwhile!):

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Also–if you’ve got nine bucks to spare, you really oughtta get out there and buy the newest issue of TCJ! They’re publishin’ Ian Brill now! ‘Nuff Said!

Good Night Friends!


  1. david fiore you must the hardest working man in the comics blogosphere…well except for heidi and tom spurgeon. can’t wait for the next cerebus installment.


  2. Thanks for the plug.

    Dave, have you seen this? It’s an archive of Bullpen pages, but only up to 1971. I hope they reprint more from later years (the Stan Lee Visionaries book also reprints some Bullpens but they’re all on the wbsite).

    One of these days, Greg, ONE OF THESE DAYS…


  3. thank you marlon! I don’t know about the hard work part of that equation, ’cause like most of my blogopeers, I do this to relax while I’m supposed to be doing the things that earn my daily bread–but I certainly do care a great deal about this site, and I’m glad that some of you out there do too!


  4. good call on that one Justin!

    I was wondering the same thing myself…

    and I think it must be!

    and to think that he wrote the least interesting letter on that page! (although I do agree with his statements about Herb Trimpe, and the quantum leap that occurred in his development as a Hulk-artist, at precisely this time… Herb Trimpe…anyone know what happened to him? He began as kind of a Kirby rip-off, but he became a very distinctive stylist in his own right!)

    but, getting back to Cole, I might email him, one of these days, and just ask him if he used to write letters to Marvel…that’s one of the joys of my lettercol project…running into these unexpected figures at the back of the funny books!


  5. Herb Trimpe tried to become Rob Liefeld after an editor told him that was what sold… then his attempts to approximate Liefeld’s style really sucked in a bad way, and he couldn’t get any work anymore because of it. So he quit comics and went into teaching.

  6. thanks Tim–but man! that’s a really sad tale… the last Trimpe-drawn piece that I can remember reading was The Draft…and he was doing alright at that time…

    still–if it was really a choice between becoming a teacher or becoming Rob Liefeld, then I think he made the right choice!


  7. Dave:

    Are you sure you didn’t write that first letter? It sounds like something you would write. I mean, come on, “James Fish” is a pseudonym, right?


  8. ya never know Greg!

    I might’ve gone back in time and written all of these letters merely in order to give myself the proper material for a dissertation! (Fish–as in good ol’ Stanley–is the perfect pseudonym for a reader-response critic too!)

    you are quite right to be suspicious!


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