Beyond the Comic Blog-Ticker

Beyond the Comic Blog-Ticker

I can’t believe that I forgot to mention this yesterday!

John Commonplacebook–whom you may not be aware of, because he doesn’t ping Babar’s Magical Bloghist’ry Tour–has posted a very interesting critique of the recently-concluded Promethea… I haven’t read any of that series (although I do want to!), and I still loved the essay (and it ties in so nicely with Cerebus, in some ways)… Anyway, just in case you missed it– (he’s not primarily a comic-blogger, but when he does tackle the funny books, he always does a great job–which is not to say that the rest of his posts aren’t worth your time, because they’re all thoughtful and polemical in a fun way!)–Here’s the link.

Best line:
It was once said that Alan Moore knew the score, but sometime around his encounter with God, he clearly lost count.

Back to Cerebus in a few hours!

Good Afternoon Friends!

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