Two More

Two More

1.We’re open for business on Squadron Supreme #1-3 over on the course blog! As always, I invite you to participate, and, if you so desire, to dispute my claims about the texts in question!

2.Also–Greg Burgas has a nice post up concerning Roger Stern’s wonderful tenure on Amazing Spider-Man…and again, I ask myself–why doesn’t Stern have a job at the Big Two anymore? It’s not as if he’s turned his back on the whole thing, a la Cary Bates…he’s out there–just waiting to do right by the corporate universes, without any of the damned grovelling that we get from the likes of Busiek and Waid…

Cerebus #11 & 12 are gonna have to wait until tomorrow–but man are those good books!

Revenge! Hisss…..

Good Night Friends!



  1. I was thinking about this the other day. I would like to see Elliot S! Maggin, Cary Bates and Roger Stern all doing books.

    It’s not that I wish some editor would bring them back, it’s more that I wish they could stick around longer so we could see them improve their craft over decades time. Alas, it seems in superhero books creators get about eight to ten years of the spotlight before they’re ushered out.


  2. Dave: I always appreciate the publicity. I’ve often wondered where comic book creators go. It seems strange that good writers and artists aren’t employed very much anymore, and I don’t know if it’s their choice or not. Ian has an interesting take — do comics creators have a shelf-life? And is it imposed by editors-in-chief who just want “new blood”? Strange …

    Speaking of Stern, I just learned that he actually named the Kingpin! That’s a nice legacy!


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