Here It Is–One Reason Why I Love Comics

Here It Is–One Reason Why I Love Comics

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(a Ditko moment from Tales To Astonish #1–is that guy awesome or what? He’s just playing with that ghost–and our heads! )

These people have been far more diligent than I in chronicling their love for the medium. There’s a lot of great stuff out there!  People seem to be repressing their feelings about Mike Murdock, which is sad, in this day and age, but what can ya do? Also–unless I missed it (and I probably did), there hasn’t been any mention of Bernard the Poet and the Cafe-A-Go-Go (from the Roy Thomas/Werner Roth period of the X-Men) or Big Jim’s P.A.C.K

Back to Cerebus tomorrow!

Good Night Friends!



  1. a thing about optimising images brother? by the time the pic loads, ppl leave the page. it is only i that stood around because i dig the printed comicbook looks

    you have a crisp style btw

  2. yeah you’re probably right, I’ve been going a little crazy with the pics of late… and yet–especially with this Cerebus gamut I’m running–I really want to give people some unmediated access to the art itself, you know?

    I guess I’m hoping they’ll be willing to sacrifice the load-time–if they know they’ll like what they see…

    thanks for the comment–and the compliment–my friend!


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