I’m just Sayin’…

I’m Just Sayin’…

1. John Ostrander has a weblog! That makes me very happy… Sure he’s famous (or, as he would put it–“semi-famous”) for Grimjack, Suicide Squad, The Spectre, and his all-too brief run on Firestorm with Tom Mandrake…

 (I love it when two of my favourite genres come together…)

And yet–his epistolary involvement in the Gwen-Stacy Clone Saga  is still tops with me!

2. You’ve all seen it by now, but it just has to be said–ADD’s 100 Things I Love About Comics is a joy to behold! There truly is something for everyone on that list, including Ross Andru’s Spider-Man for me! (I should add that Fred Hembeck got this thing started–in 1983! And that Beaucoup Kevin has brought the meme back down to purely textual earth in fine style!)

3. Last but not least–did you know that Magnapop are still alive and kicking? I can barely contain my glee! Don’t know who they are? Well, I’ll ya–they are without a doubt the best thing that ever came out of Athens, Georgia! Sure, sure–I know they’ve got some competition… I signed up for their e-newsletter a long time ago–but I chuckled melancholically to myself as I did so, never believing for a moment that I would actually get one… As usual–I am delighted to be proven wrong!

Okay–back to the Cerebusiness at hand from now on!

Good Afternoon Friends!



  1. Ostrander’s <>Firestorm<> always seemed like his bastard child — you hear about <>Grimjack<> and <>Suicide Squad(/I>, and to a lesser extent <>The Spectre<> (and not at all about <>Martian Manhunter<>), but not <>Firestorm<>, even though he did a lot of interesting things with it. And he got rid of the ridiculous costume, which of course they brought back right away, because God forbid someone gets rid of ridiculous costumes. <>Firestorm<> was cool. Thanks for pointing out his blog, as well as his letter. It’s always neat to see comics writers sending in letters “before they were famous.” Comic books need someone like Ostrander.

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