Welcome to the Panblogticon

Welcome to the Panblogticon

(soundtrack: The Amps — Pacer)

Is it just my imagination, or are we in another period of exciting new comic-blog growth?

In the past couple of days, I’ve stumbled across all kinds of great new stuff!

Naturally enough–given my predilection for close-reading–I place GraphiContent at the top of this list!

Their manifesto is stirring, and Pete Mortensen’s essay on Scott Pilgrim is fantastic (“Nintendo realism”–great term! and some stuff about G.E. Moore–who deserves any attention that he gets!)  They’ve also posted an essay on Morrison’s Marvel Boy,  which I have never read, so I resisted the temptation to skip straight to the critique (although the first two paragraphs–in which Chad Nevett declares that he intends to look at the series as a microcosmic reenactment of the history of the Marvel Universe–are enticing!)

I’m also intrigued by Lizzybeth’s Two-Dimensional–her essay on “mature readers” comics is a particular stand-out (and perhaps she can be coaxed to contribute to my class-discussion of Locas, when the time comes?)

Comic Book Commentary is another site that I’ve been enjoying the hell out of!  Guy LeCharles Gonzalez even reviews fanzines, and that’s cool!

And plus there’s Layne’s And Plus–where you can find the following assertion: “Movies and comics. I got your apples and oranges right here.”

Also–I love this quotation from Don Simpson, at Content Overload: ”
In comics, where shots are visually separated by space and not by time, peripheral vision is the enemy
“–although I strongly disagree with his contention that “more challenging, nuanced emotional content overloads the formal capacities of the medium”… but maybe that’s because I don’t believe in the form/content binary itself(I do think that
“mosaic confusion”, Don’s addition to formalist vocabulary, is inspired!)

okay, that’s it for now, except that I want to announce that, for the next little while, my plan is to use this blog to force myself to read Cerebus #1-300, in order! There are so many things going on in my life right now, and there are so many other books to read–for seminars, and for my own class–that there’s no way I could ever discipline myself to do it, without the transparent eyeballs of the panblogticon upon me! I’m convinced that there’s critical gold (at least an article’s worth!) to be mined from that there text–and I want to get in on the rush! So help me won’t you–maybe even read along, if you’ve got ’em! Don’t leave alone with Dave Sim–he frightens me… We’ll start tomorrow!

Good Night Friends!


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