Seven Words, My Friends…

Seven Words, My Friends…


Okay…no…I’m gonna need a couple more…

Apparently, a (wonderful) person named Andreas Teuber taught this class at Brandeis University in 2001!

Why didn’t my spider-sense inform me of this?

As far as I can tell, the course centered more on the Peter-clone aspect of the storyline, which has never been my focus, and, in fact, was mainly grafted onto the narrative by Archie Goodwin and Len Wein, who took over for Gerry Conway after he had seemingly brought the saga to a full stop in ASM #149, with Gwen’s departure from the cemetary,

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and Peter’s reunion with MJ at his apartment, their positions in Romita’s classic doorway frame reversed

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Still…I wish I had been there for that course! And man–I really, really have to read those mid-nineties comics… I don’t care what anyone says, I’m sure they’re a lot more interesting than is commonly supposed!

Good Afternoon Friends!



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