Here Comes the Sun–and Some Gloom, For Good Measure

Here Comes the Sun–and Some Gloom, For Good Measure

(Soundtrack: Pixies — Doolittle)

David Allison–aka Big Sunny D–
returns!  And clearly, despite his extended absence from blogging circles, the man has not been idle!

For one thing–he has co-created a comic strip that is set to appear in an upcoming issue of Commercial Suicide!

Also, he may have set a record in delayed-memaction, responding to a set of my queries regarding Punch-Drunk Love, Morrison, Clowes, grad school, breakfast, and the Jacobites more than six months after they were sent out into the ether…moreover, the wait–particularly with regard to his musings on the film–was worth it!

Welcome back David–am I the only one who begins to fear the worst when my favourite bloggers disappear? The Forager has given me numerous scares of this sort, and I know that Steven Wintle actually retired, so we can probably just assume that he’s alright…but how can we be sure? Right now I’m fretting a little bit about Bruce Baugh…and where the hell is Jeff Chatlos? I know, I know–these people are just busy with their real lives (and some of ’em even have the effrontery to incorporate this “I-can-take-it-or-leave-it approach” to blogging into their online personae!)

Ah well…it’s just a fact of life–the more people (and animals) you care about, the more likely you are to develop an ulcer! Take last night, f’rinstance–I was strolling across the campus, on my way to meet up with some new friends at The Beggar’s Banquet (which is an awesome place, incidentally), and I found myself face to face (or, rather,
beak-to-knee)  with one of these:

(That’s a juvenile bald eagle my friends…)

I walked right up to him/her and we stared at each other for at least five minutes… Sure, we’ve all had encounters like this with pigeons and gulls, and (for me, lately) ducks… but this is a fuckin’ bird of prey man! How could this happen? Well, I’ll tell ya–this flying shark was perched on a gushing pile of rabbit entrails, and wasn’t about to leave them without a fight, that’s why. That’s what drew me to the spot, initially–the blood… thinking maybe I could play superhero to a creature in need. But since the creature in question no longer had a head, I switched into awe-mode pretty quickly… Muthafuck that food-chain!

And speaking of hell–here’s a link to our first course-blog entry on Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen (covering issues #1-3)… The post is a mixture of some old assertions of mine and some new questions that emerged as I re-read the book this morning. Please, I encourage each and every interested party to participate in the fun (although I’m kind of hoping that we can avoid spoilers, for now!)

For those of you who are following along at home, and are now wondering about this departure from the syllabus, well… it seems that Squadron Supreme went out of print, sometime between last November (when I placed my order with the bookstore) and the beginning of this semester… Jumping to Watchmen gives me a couple of weeks to figure a way out of this dilemma… This course needs Gruenwald’s book as much as that eagle needed her/his kill!

Have a great weekend friends!


  1. David, I’m pretty sure Baugh just switched programs. You can find his livejournal by googling it; he links to his new health blog from there.

    Tom Spurgeon

  2. Aw, thanks for the warm welcome Dave, and sorry it took me so long to answer those questions!

    There’s some odd little bit of my mind that wont let me forget about stuff like this. For example, I still have every intention of writing a piece on David Boring for Rose Curtin, even if she’s forgotten that I ever said I’d try to write something about it for her (maybe she has, maybe she hasn’t — I don’t know).

    I too worry when bloggers go missing. And yeah, Steven Wintle was awesome and it’d be cool to hear how he’s doing sometime.


  3. Oh, and also — the issue of Commercial Suicide that features my story is already out. There’s another one due sometime in the firts chunk of this year — I don’t know if I’ll have anything in that one though. Ihave a couple of ideas, but have yet to actually try them out to see how well they’d actually work in practice.

    Take care!

    David Allison

  4. David,

    I haven’t forgotten, but it’s a debt that’s forgiven by now. If you get around to talking about it, I’ll still be interested, but it’s been so long since I read the book that I’m no longer sure what I recall of it.

    And it’s definitely good to have you back!!


  5. great!

    keep that flame flickerin’ JW!

    also–thanks for the correction about Commercial Suicide, David! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for it!


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