Um–this is more interesting than anything I have to say!

Um–this is more interesting than anything I have to say!

Don’t miss Matt Rossi’s meditations on Fourier and his Amazing American Friends at Fantastic Metropolis! This is a guy who believed that it was in humanity’s power to transform the world’s oceans into a delicious reservoir of lemonade! (personally, I don’t think the Lipton lobby would ever allow it to happen!)

Good Afternoon Friends!




  1. I really enjoyed the piece but feel stupid writing comments that say, “Thanks, Dave! Matt Rossi is so intellectually lively that it makes me even sadder than usual about the deadened state of my brain.” I loved the spin-off form The Plot against America, but again find myself unable to say anything. I can still follow links, though.


  2. Rose,

    I’ve read your site. There’s nothing deadened about your brain… you guys make me embarrased about my ‘Isn’t Bill Mantlo keen’ posts.

  3. Steven’s comment is that everyone needs to be reminded that Bill Mantlo is keen. And while I appreciate compliments, I am convinced that my job is killing just about everything interesting about me. It will be nice if that turns out not to be the case.


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