The Mesageboard Giveth and the Messageboard…

The Mesageboard Giveth and the Messageboard…

A huge part of my retraining over the past year has been an attempt to dissociate my idea of the Comics Journal from this kind of foolishness. The thing is–I guess it could all be some kind of bizarre “anti-fanboy” performance art. We can only hope. But when I read something as earnest-sounding as this:

Best thing I’ve seen, and not because he’s a friend, is Brian Wood’s + Cloonan’s DEMO. I can deal with slight powers now and again – but based more in this reality.

my faith wavers.

Lord, help my suspension of disbelief…

Good Afternoon Friends!



  1. See! This is what I’m talking about! All these people into the serious stuff. What I really loved on that board was the 14 page thread about the old “hacks” that everyone adores now that they think about it…that’s how I feel too. God, I miss those guys. I’m just thankful now for those Essentials collections. Even the bad stuff in those is at least awesome, and not so mired in seriousness. I half expect that the next big Marvel miniseries is going to be about the insurance industry in the Marvel Universe and how much it sucks to be them because of all the property damage. The stomach churns… God, I’m full of complaints today.

  2. Bored and searching for a giant to topple, Dave? What’s particularly bad about some people stating they don’t like something? Believe it or not, but people can live fulfilled lives without superheroes. It’s hard, but some manage the best they can.


  3. absolutely Charles–but don’t you think that making “not liking superheroes” a point of honour is a bit weird?

    and again–the thing that really bugged me about the thread was the whole idea that stories ought to be “anchored in this reality”, whatever the hell that means

    there are no giants


  4. for the rest–see my comment below! I’m no defender of the superhero genre as a genre–I just love the particular storytelling experiments of the “extended silver age”…


  5. Dave Fiore, today: “as much as I love Marvel’s “extended silver age” (which for me lasts until Gruenwald died…”

    Comics Journal Message Board poster, today: “They ended the Marvel Universe in 1996, and the DC Universe died when Dream died.”

    Admit it, Fiore. You created that entire thread because you’re looking for easy targets. You are “Gavin Spielman” and “Raymond Tan” and especially Mister “B. T. Steckler,” shilling for your own derision. For shame, sir.

    “the DC Universe died when Dream died”… Jesus fuck.


  6. Yes, by all means, let us only have ‘realistic’ superpowers.


    Marc, I prefer to believe Dave’s gone Tyler Durden on us than to accept that for some people, the problem with superheroes is that they need to have more believable superhuman abilities.

  7. is that thread gone?

    what the hell? you go out on the town for a few hours (we saw Brazil–I hadn’t seen it in years, and this time all I could think of is how much of a riff on Dickens it is!) and they burn your straw man to the ground!

    It’s all for the best, I suppose. I do solemnly believe that whatever Marvel is doing now, it’s not the same thing that they were doing from 1961 until at least the late eighties, but I don’t think I’m anything like the people that want to “go back” to that time somehow. I do think that it would be cool if someone tried to do what Stan et al did again, but you’d have to start from scratch. I guess that’s what Crossgen tried to do, but from what I hear, they got a little bit mixed up and wound up reproducing something like Image instead. I’ll be receptive to any further attempts of this kind, now that comics are back on my radar, but I’m not going to take time off from reading the stuff that really interests me to follow the exploits of the old characters, now that the thing that made them really interesting (the metatext) no longer exists in any meaningful way


  8. Depends on the religion, Charles… the Rig Veda ain’t my idea of ‘realistic’ and neither is Sodom and Gomorrah, come to think of it.

    And yeah, Dave, they blew it up. Dunno why.

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