Just A Little Bit

A couple more wonderful entries in what I call comics’ “learning to love yourself” sweepstakes!

1. The criminally obscure Dave Intermittent (it’s a self-inflicted crime–I guess the guy’s got a life or somethin’!) on Eightball #23–and the book’s victory over its author’s stated “industry satire” ambitions…


2. Matt Rossi pours the healing balm of reason upon a few of the contentious abscesses that afflict our beloved community, with some help from these guys:

Right then. You know what comics are capable of. And so do I. Why waste so much of your time thinking about how the “bad comics/genres/companies/modes of production” (and each of us, clearly, has a different idea about what falls into these groups) are affecting the “medium’s” credit in the straight world? (or, worse, pushing stuff that looks to you like “respectable” literature/art)

Personally, I couldn’t be any more lukewarm about the medium than I am…but I’m burnin’ with love for an awful lot of comics, you know? The greatest love of all… It’s easy to achieve…

Good Day Friends!



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