The Way of the Future

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Didn’t you know that Doc and Tom Wolfe were pals? Of course they are. How could they not be? The only mystery is how Wolfe allowed Morgana Blessing to beat him to the punch on a Strange biography! Guess he got sidetracked by those damned astronauts… And don’t let Doc’s musings here fool you–the Dormammus, Mordos, and Nightmares haven’t gone anywhere! In fact, there’s a crazy pteranodon headed his way, off-camera!

(Source: Dr. Strange #180 (“May”, 1969)–drawn by “Genial” Gene Colan and Tom Palmer, dialogue by Roy “the Boy” Thomas…)

Happy New Year Friends!




  1. of course Wolfe is also obsessed with the “phenomenon” of people “hooking up” which is something that doesn’t leave Strange on the short list either. Speaking of hooking up, hope you had a good time last night, I sure did. Happy new Dave.

  2. not quite ready for that yet, my friend…but I am glad to hear that Cupid didn’t spare the arrows this New Year’s, at least in your neck o’ the woods!


  3. You know, I’m now obsessed with writing the story where Stephen Strange drives a bus around the Dark Dimension.

    – Matt Rossi

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