I’m So Ec-Site-ed
Just a pair of things going around (other than the flu) that you might want to catch:

1. have people seen The Comic Pit? This is an awesome fan site–a fan-of-fandom site, in fact! Now, you might consider this navel-gazing of an unprecedentedly twisted sort, but for a person with my proclivities, let me tell ya, it’s heaven! There’s an extensive (and annotated!) visual agglomeration of lettercol headers from years past…

like this one–from Gruenwald’s tenure on Cap (which Rose–the site’s creator–apparently hates! sniff!):

and this one (from everyone’s favourite world-war two comic):

She’s also got a fun collection of letters from my dearly departed countryman–T.M. Maple:

including this fondly-remembered gem:

Power Man And Iron Fist #85

Dear Editor,

It’s obvious from POWER MAN/IRON FIST #81, particularly the cover and the dancing “girls” sequence, that you people have been watching those old Hope-Crosby movies (or perhaps the SCTV parody of same.) The mind boggles at the motherlode of riches of which you have just scratched the surface. And why stick to Hope and Crosby’s “team-up” efforts for inspiration? Why not look to their solo pics? I mean, Imagine the stuff you could do working with White Christmas, Going My Way, I’ll Take Sweden, Paleface, Casanova’s Big Night, Boy’s Town… oops, that last one was Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney, wasn’t it? But, speaking of Mickey Rooney, what about all those Andy Hardy Movies? I can picture it now:

JERYN: Well, Heroes for Hire is really in a bind. We’ve just got to raise some money…somehow…

DANNY: Say, let’s put on a show.

LUKE: Yeah, we can get the whole gang together. The Beast and Daredevil can do their high wire act, and maybe we could get Rom to do his C3P0 impersonation…and I wonder if the ex-Avengers glee club is still going…

Sorry, I guess I just got carried away. (Say, what about Jimmy Stewart in It’s A Wonderful Life? Y’see, Luke gets real depressed because they’re closing his favorite movie theater-you know the one-and he wonders what good his life has been if he can’t even save a louse building from the wrecking ball…say, what if they put on a show to raise funds-you see how everything fits in?…)

Yours nostalgically,

“T.M. Maple”

Now where are the Lon Wolf & Uncle Elvis archives? That’s what I wanna know! (Oh yeah and Mike Bannon + Connie Lingus from Cerebus too!)

Go check it out for yourself!


2. Tom the Dog clearly does not like Essential Amazing Spider-Man #6. I can’t say that he’s wrong, but–given my own feelings about ASM #120-150–I just had to speak up in favour of these books, in the comments-section, just as Tim O’Neil predicted that I would!

Good Day Friends!



  1. For some reason, I love that the Amethyst column was called “Purple Prose,” even if I don’t like the attached art too much. And the “Bat Signals” one is really key.


  2. Man, I remember T.M. Maple.

    I wonder if the one fan letter I ever wrote to a comic book will show up again? It was kind of embarrasing.

    – Matt Rossi

  3. i guess you aren’t about to tell us where they published it right Matt?

    Personally, I’d love to see it! (and, more and more, I’m really kicking myself for never mailing a letter to Marvel, DC, or Aardvark-Vanaheim… I read the LOC religiously, but I never got into the act myself! In a lot of ways, I suppose, Motime is kind of an attempt to exorcise my inner “comics voyeur”!

    Ben–yeah that’s a good one (“purple prose”)… Captain Carrot’s “Lettuce Page” really pleases me too!


  4. It was in a Christopher Priest issue of The Ray, I remember that much. As far as I know, that was the only letter I ever wrote, and the only one that got printed.

    – Matt

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