My Mouth’s Bleedin’ Stegron! My Mouth’s Bleedin’

It’s like I keep tellin’ the cats–this might be the worst Christmas ever, but at least we probably won’t have to face anything like this:

And my mom sent me a coffeemaker (and Weetabix)!!!! Things are looking up!

Have a great holiday weekend friends!



  1. Dave, I’ve been enjoying your blog now for several months. (I won’t conceal that some of your statements have riled me a bit – your recent IMO careless attack on Fantagraphics is among them.) I actually saved your whole blog to my harddrive to have “Motime” always at hand!

    But is this double-lizard issue really worse than, say, the Molten Man two-fer from ASM 132/133 (which I read recently)? And how does this difference in quality manifest itself? 🙂

    All the best

  2. thank you all!

    1. James–if the spring students are as great as the ones from this semester, there should be no cause for concern!

    2. FrF–that’s gotta be just about the highest compliment a blogger can receive, to my mind! believe me, I consider it an honor to be “saved to disk”! But on the subject of careless statements–that pretty much describes everything here my friend! sometimes I know I’m being ridiculous, and do it anyway, just to see where the momentum of the thing will take me; and, of course, there are those times when I’m far too sleep-deprived to notice what I’m getting myself into! In any event, there’s no counting to ten before posting, or anything like that! Here at motime, we adhere to Frank O’Hara’s mantra–“you just go on your nerve”! I guess we’re all lucky I never drink! (that’s a question I’d like to know the answer to, actually–what percentage of blog posts are written under the influence? someone oughtta get busy on a study!) Oh yeah–the Molten Man! Those were decent issues, as I remember… Gerry Conway used Raxton’s reappearance as an excuse to bring Liz Allen (his, what, half-sister?) back from limbo, and had some fun giving us the quintessential spider-villain meltdown!

    3.Matt–sounds good! We’re just lucky that the Iguana was merely a faint roar in the back of Bill Mantlo’s brain at the this time, or we’d have no chance at all!


  3. Spider-Man is screwy. Peter Parker sits in his little web and thinks the whole comic book revolves around him, but it doesn’t David it doesn’t. Either I’m off my nut, or he is, or we both are.

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