Stay Where You Are

Stay Where You Are

(Soundtrack: Sleater-Kinney — Call The Doctor)

1. Scott Pilgrim progressed into my mailbox yesterday (thanks for the graphic inscription Bryan! feline references are a sure way to my heart!), and, like Ed Cunard, I’m looking forward to blogging about it in the near future (soon as I get a fifty page burst of essay-writing done + grade the inevitable flood of final papers!)…

2. Matt Rossi wants in to the corporate storytelling “sandbox”–let him play America! (also–expect some discussion of Matt’s novel in this space–again, once the aforementioned academic chores have been dealt with…)

3. Meanwhile, my own novel has jumped over a million “Amazon sales rank” positions in the last week or so! This hardly makes me a major player in the literary world, but it does mean that at least a few more people are (or will soon be!) reading Darkling I Listen–and for that, I am truly thankful! And just think–Chimera Lucida (starring Roberta Flackjacket, lead singer of “New Model Barbie”) is coming! Someday!

Good Afternoon friends!




  1. Well, I’m curious and I have some ideas, but in the end I doubt I’ll get anywhere with the big two… still, it’s worth a shot, yes?

    – Matt Rossi

  2. oh yes!

    You’ve got great ideas Matt! And Grant Morrison can’t keep the corporate universes alive all by himself! Especially not when he’s surrounded by death-cultists!


  3. Dave;

    Well, your novel is officially 356,416 spots ahead of Mark Millar’s Chosen on Amazon’s Sales Rankings. Though you should still be even higher on that list!


  4. thank you Rick! That information does my soul good!

    I know that life (and art) is not a competition, but, for Mark Millar, I will make an exception…


  5. FYI (god, I hate it when people say that), Darkling, I Listen is on my Amazon wish list as a must have – I WILL read this.


  6. Todd–that’s exactly the kind of talk I want to hear!

    please do let me know what you think of it (even if you hate it!), whenever this blessed event comes to pass!


  7. It’s on my wish list too, Dave. I know I *could* read it for free on-line without bothering you, but I like the more portable printed versions of things. 🙂

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