I Got Yer “Print Moment” Right Here Warren (too bad I couldn’t find a better image on the net! It’s from Avengers #66, and it’s by Roy Thomas and Barry [Windsor]-Smith)

(Soundtrack: Spectropop’s Girl Pop)

Just checking in to direct your attention to a really fun discussion (initiated by Abhay Khosla) about silver/bronze age comics storytelling on The Pop Culture Message Bored (which is more like a group culture blog than a messageboard, and that’s a compliment!)… Ian Brill has also made some essential contributions, and, of course, I’ve added my own 12-15-20-and-25 cents’ worth! The discussion so far has dwelled upon the inadequacies of Warren Ellis’ recent distinction between modern and archaic superhero narratives, specifically on the question of the importance of “plot” to Silver/Bronze Age storytelling… (not that Ellis’ piece isn’t interesting! And I’m pleased to see him bringing Phil Spector into a discussion of page-by-page storytelling innovation–I tried to do precisely the same thing a couple of weeks back, when I described certain Quitely layouts in We3 as “walls of violence”… “immense presence of information” is right!)

Anyway, I’ve used up all of my blogging time now, but it was worth it!

Good afternoon friends!



One comment

  1. Thanks for the plug Dave. Yeah I would have to say that PCB is one of the best message boards out there. It strikes the right balance between obsessed fan and snob and ends up being its own thing.

    Ian Brill

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