“A Covenant With Death and an Agreement With Hell”

William Lloyd Garrison–the guy’s still pretty relevant, don’t ya think? If more Americans understood that “[their] country is the world”, we’d be looking at different headlines today… You don’t get to be the superhero and the insular nerd holed up in your basement clutching your Bible, moaning about “values”…

Now more than ever, I think it’s time “Blue Staters” considered secession. You could hold the convention in Hartford–there’s ample precedent for it

Good afternoon friends!



  1. Did you vote?

    (Yes, I know where you’re from. Question still stands. Poll watchers would have been too busy challenging the black voters to question you.)


  2. Some day, Steven, you’ll look back and laugh and laugh. We’ll share a beer, and remember the simpler times.


  3. Well, do we have a moral obligation to try to fight against the forces of religious fascism despite being outnumbered…or is the greater obligation to save ourselves and loved ones and try to make a better, kinder place for ourselves, and let those who want to go to hell go there?

    I live in Texas. This question has a particular relevancy for me. Do I stay here and try to help the students, 66.6% of which don’t want my help? Or do I have a moral obligation to continue reaching out to the third of the students who might be helped?


  4. hmmm…just got back from teaching my class… it was not a happy group…
    should I have voted? you know, I probably would have if I had thought I could’ve gotten away with it! maybe next time…

    Jess–you make a very good point about our obligations, and the question does become very complicated in the South & the plains…but I would argue that northeasterners, upper midwesterners, and west coasters have an obligation to cease contributing their considerable energies to a political culture in thrall to a Puritan “letter” which has become completely unhinged from the “spirit” of true moral introspection that once undergirded it.

    I sincerely believe that it’s the most expedient way to keep Texas from trampling the planet. If you cut the circulation to the “heartland”, maybe it’ll go into cardiac arrest.


  5. (now is exactly the wrong time for me to be thinking about this, because in 48 hours I’ll be on a plane to London for three weeks, and I don’t need more reasons to make me want to stay there).

    Dave–good points, but–I keep thinking about the North in 1861. Do we let the slave states go, or force them to change? We forced them to change, and the end result was for the better.

    Er…well, relatively speaking.

    I dunno. I feel like we owe it to future generations of Red Staters to keep fighting the hopeless fight here, rather than leaving them to their fate.

  6. “Dave–good points, but–I keep thinking about the North in 1861. Do we let the slave states go, or force them to change? We forced them to change, and the end result was for the better.”

    True Jess–but the Garrisonian alternative was secession + massive economic sanctions. I’m not saying that it would have worked, but, frankly, it couldn’t have been much less successful than Reconstruction was…


  7. The war and the aftermath are two different things, though. The war, though bringing misery to hundreds of thousands of people, did end slavery within 5 years. I don’t think sanctions would have accomplished that in that time period. That the Reconstruction was badly handled doesn’t mean that the war was also a bad idea.

    (Oh dear. I’m sounding like I should be in favor of the Iraq war, aren’t I? Sheesh.)

  8. Dave,

    Garrison would never have advocated secession. After all, he was both a anarchist and (at least until the civil war) a pacifist.

  9. Well, unlike Garrison, I *will* retreat an inch, and I will also stand corrected. Seems like an awfully strange thing for an anarchist to be doing (but then again, what do I know?)

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