Yes, I managed to spend a little quality time with my department’s scanner this evening–which gives me the opportunity to:

1.contribute to the web’s treasury of comic book images; and

2.introduce you to some of the people and animals (mostly animals) that I’ve known and loved! (did you think I was refraining from that kind of self-indulgent behaviour out of a sense of professionalism or somethin’? No way! Cat-blogging trumps criticism any day!)

Anyway, I fumbled around with the machine for about half an hour, and some of the pictures didn’t turn out well enough to post, but this is what I came up with:

First, a page by Dave Cockrum from Giant-Size Avengers #2–“Time Becomes visible to the naked eye!”

This is me and Christine at Westmount Park–a locale that Jack Ruttan has sketched. (this picture is actually in colour–not sure what I did to it!)

This is Dashiell (the Beige Wonder) acclimating himself to Michigan living:

Simpson has been my muse for a very long time!

Good ol’ Husk!


Not quite “the lion lying down with the lamb”, but pretty good no? (the cat’s name is Tulip!)

This is me thinking insipid thoughts about “Peaceable Kingdoms” and the end of the food chain (I don’t think the people in the background share my dream)

Happy All Saints’ Day Friends!



  1. The bunny pictures are especially cute and it’s good to see Husk again. I’ve heard several times that bunny/cat households often work out well, and I had no idea yours was one.

    That picture of you with Simpson, though, is the one that will have to appear on the dust jacket of your sprawling beat manifesto-in-verse, I’m pretty sure.


  2. thanks Rose–now all I have to do is write the manifesto!

    Believe it or not, at one time I shared a five-and-a-half flat with seven cats, two rabbits, two gerbils, and a person! Tulip (Simpson’s daughter) and Acorn were inseparable, and life with them was pretty much one continuous photo op! I don’t have any bunnies currently, but that’s a situation that could change at any moment!


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