Scary Things on the Web

(Soundtrack: Hole — My Body, The Hand Grenade)

First of all, make sure to be there for the fateful finale of Rick Geerling’s All-Hallow’s month blogging (my only regret is that all I contributed was a pair of lists–ah well!)

For your convenience, Eric Olsen has compiled a comprehensive index to all of the seasonal blogging going on at Blogcritics.

The wondrous Eve Tushnet links (somewhat disapprovingly) to a very interesting critique of Donnie Darko (which I finally saw two nights ago!) by Jim Emerson. I think Eve is right to criticize the “pop-Freudianism” of the piece, but it’s still well worth your time–meanwhile, I’m thinking very hard about DD as some kind of hellfired version of Harvey (“I wrestled reality for 28 days, and I’m happy to say I won out over it!”), and who knows? Something may come of it! Oh yeah, and, strangely enough, there’s an excerpted scene on the DD DVD that covers almost exactly the same animals/language/consciousness/Watership Down ground that I went over earlier this week in my posts on We3…very strange…

Not scary (except in a “so good it’s scary” kind of way), but very important, is the new issue of Indy Magazine, which features articles by Henry James and Marc Singer!

But here’s the scariest thing of all! Forget about the Jerry Bruckheimer interpretation of world politics that this insipid collage asks us to buy into (which is disgusting enough), just try to comment and see what happens! Apparently, everything I had to say in response to the piece was deemed “offensive” by the comments-censor. I assure you that was not the case:

“With enemies like these, who needs friends? Or a sane domestic policy?”

The only offensive thing about that is that it’s true.

Anyway, FUCK YOU American Digest–for your sake (to paraphrase Grant Morrison), I really hope there is a hell!

Happy Hallowe’en Friends!


  1. We have no idea what you’re on about, but you should try again. Much more offensive people than you have left offensive comments. Feel free to join the group.

  2. Oh, here’s a thought. For a brief time a comment spammer selling online gambling or some such managed to get the filter to list ‘men’.

    That was removed but if you were trying to post during that time and you used the word men it would have been rejected.

  3. Thanks for that clarification American Digest–I’m still not happy with the photo essay, but I’m pleased that you aren’t actually censoring your critics. I was flabbergasted!


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